dinsdag 22 maart 2011

A little while ago Dr. Dre made a new song with Eminem called I need a Doctor. At first I was not really stunned by it but after listening it a few times I actually started to like it. I also think the clip that he made for it is really good. I really liked the car crash, very impressive.

Let me know what you think about the song and clip in the comment. Do you like this kind of music or do you prefer the music he made years ago more?

6 reacties:

Blogger A.C.Brown zei...

i have a cold. so i would love a dr.

22 maart 2011 om 06:37  
Blogger Laurent zei...

I like the intro, nice song!

22 maart 2011 om 06:38  
Blogger Zed zei...

I just hope his new album doesn't let the old school fans down...

22 maart 2011 om 06:47  
Blogger tobiasroehmer zei...

i love this song :) thanks for remembering

22 maart 2011 om 06:52  
Blogger com1c zei...

dre is too big now he looked better before

22 maart 2011 om 08:13  
Blogger John A.S. zei...

this is my favourite song!! the part dr.dre raps is like awesome!

following!! :)

22 maart 2011 om 15:01  

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