vrijdag 25 maart 2011


Today is friday, the day before the weekend and the day we just take it all easy.
This weekend wont be too exiting for me, I'll have to to school the most time since I'm hoping to graduate this year. But I wil definately take it all easy and do some good things as well.
Let me know in the comments what you do this weekend.
Also, a video to get you in a good mood already!

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Blogger Equal zei...

gratz on the likely graduating....

like what i c followed

25 maart 2011 om 09:00  
Blogger husar zei...

nice post

+ follower:)

25 maart 2011 om 13:49  
Blogger Janez zei...

love the girl in the short clip :D

/following :*

26 maart 2011 om 07:44  
Blogger Moob zei...

obligatory friday post

26 maart 2011 om 07:57  
Blogger FSU_Mark zei...

Friday is the 2nd best day of the week, behind saturday

26 maart 2011 om 12:54  
Anonymous Anoniem zei...

I thought it would be the rebecka black song :)

26 maart 2011 om 15:56  
Blogger Mike zei...

Today is Sunday!....

Oh wait...


27 maart 2011 om 05:05  
Blogger Oscar zei...

Great video!

27 maart 2011 om 05:37  
Blogger Photo Blog zei...

Friday friday, party, party, fun, fun, frontseat, no backseat, PARTY party. wait what is that rly lyrics?!

27 maart 2011 om 12:12  
Blogger Yazure zei...

nice video. but its sunday and i havent done my hw.

27 maart 2011 om 15:39  
Blogger Dootzkie zei...

Friday? Gotta get dow.... Oh fudge... It's in my mind. GET IT OUT

Also, the girl in the vid is kinda strange... Not liking that wink and teeth to the side

28 maart 2011 om 11:09  
Blogger Cave et Aude zei...

sweet and funny :3

29 maart 2011 om 17:04  
Blogger E. Hammond zei...

:( Rebecca Black ruined the best day of the week for all of us.

1 mei 2011 om 12:16  

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